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ULTRA TINY LAPTOP (GPD Pocket 2) in 2021?
My very first review, you wouldn't believe how much work it was to produce!

I had never done this sort of thing before, I hope it turned out well enough, regardless!
I got a new comment on my video today (on YouTube by N0D3), which I particularly liked, so I thought I'll post it here:

N0D3 Wrote:Thanks for pointing out the wifi card being able to do that, I also have one old totally random HP netbook which does the same (it's heavy, terrible, noisy, 32bit, and ugly). They should know that if they advertise that the wifi card supports monitor/inject, even more people from kali reddit / "pentest" community would notice these (well the black one, no idea if silver has same wifi card) and this alone would be an selling point :D good for enthusiasts and they can test out aircrack right out of the box.

I personally wish there was an extra usb-c or usb-a port :) but 2 is workable too. Oh and btw, awesome channel! You did way better than you think, lots of tiny geeky useful details included! Subbed ;3

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