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[NEWS] Profile: Mastodon and Twitter
I have added two new fields to the forum profile! You can now specify your Mastodon and/or Twitter username.

For privacy reasons, these are only shown to registered (and e-mail verified) users, so that crawlers can't get this info.

To add your username(s), go to User CP on the top left > Your Profile > Edit Profile > Under "Additional Information" you will find those fields. Make sure to include the "@" in each case and then click "Update Profile"!

To verify it worked, click on your own username (for example at the top left under "Welcome back, username") and check for the newly added profile fields. If you want to verify this isn't public (to crawlers/guests), you can open your profile in an incognito/private browser window.

PS, don't forget to follow me on Mastodon and/or Twitter. (:

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