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Welcome to my forum!
Hi, this is the very first post posted on this forum! :D

I would like to welcome you to my forum, and explain the background and its purpose:

As you might have heard, YouTube is deleting user's comments without warning and with no intervention being possible. 😓

This is why I decided to rent a server, set up a forum, and open it up to you so that we can discuss my videos, help each other out, and overall have a good time together without some algorithm sabotaging the conversation. 😄

I just about finished the technical aspects and the configuration, so the forum seems a bit "empty" for now. I actually rented a dedicated host, and I set up the infrastructure by myself from scratch, so that's what I've been doing today...! More content will follow in the coming days. ⏳

I'm paying for this server out of my pocket, and maintaining it in my free time, but if you like (but you don't have to), you can support me on Patreon or Ko-fi. 💖

Anyway, feel free to sign up and say hi, it would mean a lot to me! 🙌

Kind regards,
Hi everyone!

I have set up the forum further by now, created some forums, created several threads... it's not as empty anymore!

All that's missing is you! :D

I have now also written an article on my blog, explaining the situation with YouTube deleting comments, which you can read [here]!
Hi! :D
Stopping by to say, "Hello" and thank you for the great YouTube content.

I really like that you have set up your own forum. YouTube is great but voices can get lost in the signal to noise ratio there. This is a cozy place for your viewers, away from the hustle and bustle.

I noticed on your FLIRC cooling video that you tend to torque things in a pattern; such as X for four fasteners. It's something I tried to get across to those I was training back in the day as a good habit but so many dismissed it as unnecessary. I smiled when I saw you doing that. I did the same when I put my FLIRC together some time ago. Old habits remain.

The fact that you set up MyBB for this forum gave me a good idea. Our radio group no longer needs the self-hosted WordPress page I set up for it a few years back so I have been wondering what to repurpose the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to do. A self-hosted MyBB for family and friends sounds like it's new job.
Hello to you too! :D

Indeed, a forum can be a cozy place. I hope that one day we'll have a thriving community, where we can discuss my videos, talk about related things and help each other out when doing DIY things and such (including talking about how we fasten screws and private projects). (:

Thank you for stopping by and saying hi, I'm delighted! :D

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