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Posted by: priotimony20 - Yesterday, 06:16 (06:16 AM) - Forum: Meta - No Replies

在当今世界,手机已成为我们日常生活中必不可少的一部分。 我们使用手机执行各种任务,包括拨打电话、发送短信、浏览互联网、听音乐等等。 然而,随着我们手机上存储的数据量越来越大,有效管理和组织数据变得越来越具有挑战性。 为确保手机的最佳性能,必须对手机数据进行分段。 在本文中,我们将讨论什么是数据分段以及如何分段手机数据以获得最佳性能。


数据分段是根据特定标准将数据划分为更小、更易于管理的部分的过程。 通过对数据进行分段,您可以更好地组织、管理和分析数据。 可以对任何类型的数据进行细分,包括客户数据、网站数据和电话数据。


对手机数据进行分段对于确保最佳性能至关重要。 当您的手机上存储了太多数据时,它会降低性能、耗尽电池寿命,并且难以快速找到您需要的信息。 通过对手机数据进行分段,您可以将其组织成更小、更易于管理的部分,从而更易于访问和管理。


可以通过多种方式对手机数据进行分段。 以下是对手机数据进行分段以获得最佳性能的一些最有效方法。

对手机数据进行细分的最重要方法之一是组织您的应用程序。 将您的应用程序分组到社交媒体、生产力、娱乐等类别中。这不仅可以更轻松地快速找到您需要的应用程序,还可以帮助您让手机井井有条、整洁有序。

分割手机数据的另一个重要方法是删 丹麦手机号码列表 除任何不必要的数据。 这包括您不再使用的旧消息、照片、视频和应用程序。 这不仅可以释放手机空间,还有助于提高手机性能。

如果您有很多不经常使用的数据,例如照片或视频,请考虑使用云存储来存储它们。 这将释放手机上的空间并使其运行更快。

有许多可用的内存优化应用程序可以帮助您有效地分割手机数据。 这些应用程序通过分析手机的数据使用情况并确定可以优化存储的区域来工作。 一些流行的内存优化应用程序包括 CCleaner、DU Speed Booster 和 Clean Master。

如果您有大量数据需要保存在手机上,请考虑使用外部存储设备,例如 microSD 卡。 这将使您可以在手机上存储更多数据而不会降低其性能。

最后,定期备份手机数据非常重要。 这不仅可以在您的手机丢失或被盗时保护您的数据,还有助于释放手机空间。 您可以将数据备份到云端或外部硬盘驱动器。


对手机数据进行分段对于确保最佳性能至关重要。 通过整理应用程序、删除不必要的数据、使用云存储、使用内存优化应用程序、使用外部存储和备份数据,您可以有效地分割手机数据,让手机保持流畅运行。 请记住定期查看手机的数据使用情况并根据需要进行调整,以确保您的手机始终以最佳状态运行。

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Video Affordable Lighting for New YouTubers (for Desk/Reviews)
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-04-08, 22:37 (10:37 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

I'm using two of these TERTIAL IKEA desk lamps to record reviews and showing things on my review desk. (:

PS I mounted this one on another desk (not my review desk).

Watch here: https://youtu.be/lnKW_l78kLM

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Video Pi Game Hat (The Weirdest Retro Handheld?)
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-02-27, 21:13 (09:13 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

This is perhaps the weirdest retro handheld money can buy...

Watch here https://youtu.be/l4aRp1eL_Vs

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Video (Video) Your email address might be leaking
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-01-31, 14:43 (02:43 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

I found a leak, and made a video to inform people not to fall for it!

Watch here: https://youtu.be/btbFMlRZ3-c

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Video Late Xmas Present: iPad mini 6 Unboxing and First Look
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-01-29, 12:16 (12:16 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

Today we'll unbox the iPad mini (6th gen) and have a first look!
I received and filmed this on the 28th of January (late Xmas present).

Watch here: https://youtu.be/FuV_rBV95kg

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Information Profile: Mastodon and Twitter
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-01-13, 21:50 (09:50 PM) - Forum: Meta - No Replies

I have added two new fields to the forum profile! You can now specify your Mastodon and/or Twitter username.

For privacy reasons, these are only shown to registered (and e-mail verified) users, so that crawlers can't get this info.

To add your username(s), go to User CP on the top left > Your Profile > Edit Profile > Under "Additional Information" you will find those fields. Make sure to include the "@" in each case and then click "Update Profile"!

To verify it worked, click on your own username (for example at the top left under "Welcome back, username") and check for the newly added profile fields. If you want to verify this isn't public (to crawlers/guests), you can open your profile in an incognito/private browser window.

PS, don't forget to follow me on Mastodon and/or Twitter. (:

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Video Pi Zero 2 FLIRC HEATSINK Test
Posted by: sindastra - 2022-01-06, 18:34 (06:34 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

Finally, a new video! I hope y'all had a nice holiday break! This video ended up being a lot longer than anticipated... But at least you get the "full picture" and you're always free to skip the boring parts. (:

Let's put the FLIRC HEATSINK to the test!

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/4jp4hX2PWEY

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Video wtf... how is this stuck???
Posted by: sindastra - 2021-12-12, 07:31 (07:31 AM) - Forum: Videos - Replies (3)

I was about to produce another video, related to the Pi Zero 2, but got stuck, literally...


I hope I'll find a way to "unstuck" this without breaking the case so that I can film my next video soon.

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Information Info about 1.18.1
Posted by: sindastra - 2021-12-11, 21:34 (09:34 PM) - Forum: Minecraft (Java Edition) - Replies (1)

You can safely update to 1.18.1, as it’s backwards compatible with 1.18.

Note on security: Our network is running 1.18 for now, but with the security fix from 1.18.1 back ported.


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Video YouTube is deleting your comments
Posted by: sindastra - 2021-12-09, 18:27 (06:27 PM) - Forum: Videos - No Replies

Hi, I turned my recently written article into a YouTube video where I read it to you:


I thought this might be a better medium to bring this information to my viewers, than my blog.

However, if you prefer my written article, check it out here: [link]

I would like to point out that I will continue to make the usual videos, I just really wanted to get this out of the way first since it's become a daily issue and I wanted everyone to be informed about this.

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